Good things are still happening for fans of Sir Terry Pratchett as a small screen adaptation of ‘Discworld’ is on the way! We’ve already been thrilled that ‘Good Omens,’ his co-authored book with Neil Gaiman, was heading to Amazon and now we have more reason to be excited! The series is set to be developed by BBC Studios as a six-part series in conjunction with Narrativia.

While not confirmed, the rumor mill has it that Simon Allen (‘Strike Back,’ ‘The Musketeers’) is currently working on a script which has the working title of ‘The Watch.’ The goal for BBC Studios isn’t to just deliver a mini-series but to develop this as an ongoing franchise.

With so many books in the series, it would make sense to divvy up the stories into small bite-sized chunks.

The studio isn’t confirming this as a BBC exclusive and is looking for turning this adaptation into “a major international co-production.” It has already teamed up with the production company Pratchett founded in 2012, Narrativia, which is being run by Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna and his former manager Rob Wilkins.

On BBC’s side, it is executive produced by their Head of Drama London Hilary Salmon (‘Luther,”Silent Witness.’)

With the Flat Earther movement having a voice these days this will be the perfect show for them. Anyone unfamiliar with Discworld should know that it is about a flat disc-shaped world which is balanced on the backs of four elephants who stand on the back of a giant turtle. So, there’s about the same amount of logic in either camp, and it is debatable as to which one is funnier.

As the working title is “The Watch” it is likely that we’ll initially be seeing a tale told in the city of Ankh-Morpork where the Ankh-Morpork City Watch starts off as a gang of three and ends up as an actual police force – of sorts.

Are you looking forward to a series based on the world of ‘Discworld’? Which set of stories do you most hope get to see the light of day if this is a success? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline