While the third season of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘ is going strong there is no confirmation a 4th season will be on the way. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that Deadites have any reason to celebrate as Bruce Campbell is teasing that a new “Evil Dead” movie could happen if the show does bite the big one. He’s also shared that if the show does come to a close that we won’t be left hanging without any resolution.

According to Bruce as to the upcoming finale and potential Season 4:

“We’re going to see what the TV gods have in store for us. We’re ready either way. If they take us off the air, we can think about another movie. And if they don’t, we can just keep plugging away.”

That being said, Campbell has shared that the current season won’t be a horrible cliffhanger that has us all wondering what is going to happen if the show doesn’t continue! Thankfully with how it ends:

“The big payoff. It’s everything we’ve built up to. Hopefully the audience will go, ‘F-ckin’ A-right, Ash. F-ckin’ A-right.’ You know? Ash is gonna prove his stuff, man. This is it. This is the final showdown.”

While we’ll be cheering on Ash, it isn’t as if Williams ever has a truly happy ending:

“It’s too early to tell who’s coming back only because we don’t even know if we’re coming back. So, mid-March is when we’re gonna get the sign; either see you later alligator, or pack your bags: we’re going for another season. So, we’ll see. Our inclination is to start fresh. We had some big changes at the end of the season which are great, it’s a cool end of the season. But the way that we went, it probably requires, you know, a little bit of shuffling if we were to continue.”

It sounds as if we’ll be seeing at least one significant death when the season and potentially series comes to a close.

Do you feel that ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ still has some life in it over at Starz? Have you loved the new format or are you hoping another “Evil Dead” movie sees the light of day? Would you want such a film to follow the events of the television series or pretend that it never happened? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book