In quite a surprising move,  Stephen King’s ‘The Bone Church’ is set to be turned into an ongoing television or streaming series! Chris Long and David Ayer’s Cedar Park Entertainment have picked up the rights to the work which King originally wrote in the 60s. It was a narrative poem that was later revised and published in ‘The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.’ This won’t be the first of King’s works to be adapted into an ongoing series as we’ve previously seen it done with shows like ‘The Dead Zone,’ ‘Haven,’ ‘11.22.63’, ‘Under the Dome,’ and ‘The Mist.’ Currently, Mr. Mercedes is still moving forward with ‘Castle Rock‘ set to debut this year on Hulu and ‘The Dark Tower‘ still in the works.

‘The Bone Church’ follows three survivors of an expedition of 32 travelers who went on a journey to search for the Bone Church. It was organized by an adventurer, and they found what they were looking for, only, it wasn’t meant for them ever to see. One of the three survivors shares the tale in exchange for drinks purchased by patrons of the bar he is at. There are a ton of ways this actually could be fleshed out to tell the story though I feel this would work better as a mini-series or one season arc than to be stretched out into an ongoing series.

Long is currently working with King on the critically acclaimed ‘Mr. Mercedes’ so it would appear that the adaptation is in good hands at the very least. There is no word as to which channels or streaming service that they might be eyeing to bring this series to life. Cedar Park has a working relationship with Starz from ‘Family Crimes,’ Long has one with AT&T for ‘Mr. Mercedes’, while Ayer currently is working with Netflix on ‘Bright 2‘, so they’ve got plenty of goodwill to shop this around.

Are you looking forward to a series based on ‘The Bone Church’? Do you feel that this is a series that could have quite an extended run or are you hoping for a shorter outing? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline