Zack Snyder Black Costume Justice League

So there is a deleted ‘Justice League’ scene where Superman is walking down the halls of the Kryptonian ship and he sees a few options of suits he can wear after his resurrection, including a black-suit similar to the one he wore in the comics following the famous ‘Death of Superman’ arc. Fans are, of course, excited about the deleted scene as for a long time they thought the costume would be featured in ‘Justice League’ and some were disappointed when the film did not even make reference to it. Now, director Zack Snyder has engaged a fan on the deleted scene about the significance of the black costume, and how it ties back into some of the themes from ‘Man Of Steel.’

According to one fan who was phrasing the question to Snyder, it seemed apparent that the deleted scene and Superman’s choice about whether to wear the black costume or the original blue and red one is a kind of call-back to the line from ‘Man Of Steel’ where Clark is told:

“All these changes you’re going through, one day you’re going to think of them as a blessing. And when that day comes, you’re going to have to make a choice: a choice of whether to stand proud in front of the human race or not.”

Which basically boils down to him choosing the original costume is Clark making a choice to stand proud behind his prior decisions, and continue to be the hero he was. Snyder responded to the statement/ question with:

“I think of course it’s that (what you said) and that now in one sense he has been born twice once on Krypton once on Earth and it is this reality that he now is starkly aware of as he moves through the ship.”

Personally, I think this is all a bit of a stretch, and I totally understand why this is a deleted scene, as I don’t think it really would have added much to the movie, and I do not think anyone really would have gotten the thematic ties without Zack Snyder there explaining it to them, which is never a good sign. But that is just my opinion. Feel free to check out the deleted scene for yourself and see what every is talking about. Then, go ahead and share your thoughts on its significance in the comments below!


Source: Comicbook