chris mckay nightwing

While fans of ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ are thrilled it is moving forward with Chris McKay (‘The Lego Batman Movie’), others have wondered what this means for ‘Nightwing‘. A fan-favorite character, it has been interesting to speculate how he will fit into the DCEU as everything McKay has been saying about the movie has lined up with fan expectations. With ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ now likely on his plate and major names such as Joss Whedon staying away from the franchise, no one has been sure what to expect here.

One reason rumored as to why McKay would be able to pick up ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is that “with Nightwing less of a priority for Warner Bros., McKay found himself with an open slot, and Paramount made a play for him to direct Dungeons & Dragons — an idea that the director has sparked to” according to sources.

Thankfully, McKay took to Twitter to give further details and gave his two cents on the situation.

So, outside of Warner Bros. cancelling ‘Nightwing’ or firing Chris McKay it looks as if the movie will still be in safe hands. While the DCEU could at any time be completely revamped with studio switch ups, I suspect that we’ll be good to go moving forward. I’m still wondering how they’ll be fitting Dick Grayson into the current iteration of the DCEU and if they’ll reference a certain Robin costume which was teased in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

Are you thrilled that Chris McKay still plans on doing ‘Nightwing’? If he did step away from the film which director do you think would best be able to capture the character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bleeding Cool