With Joss Whedon having left the DCEU’s ‘Batgirl,’ the hunt for a new writer is in the search and Roxane Gay has thrown her name into the hat. She recently helped pen Marvel’s ‘Black Panther: World of Wakanda’ comic series and now wants to join the Bat Family.

Previously having written the novel ‘An Untamed State’ and a collection of essays titled ‘Bad Feminist’, Gay saw the news of Whedon’s departure and jumped onto Twitter to share how much she’d be interested in tackling the movie!


It isn’t clear if she was just showing interest or making a serious pitch, but someone over at DC was listening! Specifically, Michele Wells who is DC Entertainment’s Vice-President of Content Strategy who reached out to her!


Squee! Gay clearly jumped on the offer which we totally are all for!


The rest of Twitter also seems to be thrilled with this idea.




The list goes on with nearly 200 comments at this time. I was a huge fan of her work on ‘Black Panther: World of Wakanda,’ and after reading her style, it feels as if she would be a natural fit for ‘Batgirl.’

So there you have it folks, nothing is official at this time, but we may very well have a new writer for ‘Batgirl’ already figured out!

Are you looking forward to what the DCEU could do with ‘Batgirl’? Was Joss Whedon the perfect fit for writing the film or does Roxane Gay have a style better suited to the character? Share your thoughts below!