One would suspect that the trailer for ‘Venom” comes out tomorrow when the official Twitter account for the film releases the poster along with the single word “tomorrow.” It is always possible that they’ll just give us a trailer teaser or another major announcement, to begin with, but we’re all hoping to get some actual footage of the film – footage that includes the symbiote in action that is.

Post-production is likely nowhere near finished at this point with the film not set to open until October 5th, 2018 but hopefully, we won’t have to wait nearly that long to see Venom suited up.


Director Ruben Fleischer (‘Zombieland,’ ‘Gangster Squad’) has a lot on his plate with this film. Not only is ‘Venom a fan-favorite character who is going to be hard to capture but this is also the film that is set to launch the non-Spider-Man Spider-Verse of films from Sony Pictures. Needless to say, if it flops the entire process could be stopped in its trackers faster than Universal’s ‘Dark Universe‘ after ‘The Mummy.’ Especially with how the two ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ movies ended up doing at the box office.

Tom Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock as a photojournalist who ends up as Venom when he bonds with a symbiote. In the comics, the symbiote is an alien who initially had bonded with Spider-Man. It’s hard to see how that is going to play out here. If Sony isn’t able to pull this movie not only could it derail their entire shared Spidey Universe, but could push the company that much closer to selling off the cinematic side of their business.

Do you think that Sony can pull off a ‘Venom’-centric movie without including Spidey at all? How will the studio work around all of these characters if Peter Parker isn’t involved? Share your thoughts below True Believers!