star wars rebels

Fair warning. Though the information in this article is largely speculative, it includes possible spoilers for the final episodes of ‘Star Wars Rebels’.

After four seasons, ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ is finally drawing to a close. And with the looming finale comes the speculation regarding the characters’ fates. After all, with the exception of Hera and Chopper (both of whom were acknowledged in ‘Rogue One’), anything could happen. This is especially the case when one remembers that the show’s cast includes a few Force users that the Lucasfilm story group may want taken off the table prior to the arrival of a certain “New Hope” (or “Last Jedi,” if you prefer).

Of course, we won’t know for sure until the episodes air, but things are starting to look a bit grim for at least one of them. Composer Kevin Kiner has released the titles of a selection of tracks from the season’s score, at least a few of which seem as though they relate to upcoming episodes. Perhaps the most ominous of Kiner’s titles is ‘Kanan’s End Credits’. Combined with a pair of upcoming episodes titled ‘Jedi Night’ and ‘Dume’ (as in Kanan’s birth name, Caleb Dume), that doesn’t exactly paint a sunny picture. Additionally, the official synopsis for ‘Dume’ refers to the Ghost crew as “reeling from a devastating loss.” Take that as you will.

If you’re old enough to remember the excitement that preceded the release of ‘The Phantom Menace’ back in May 1999 (and I just made myself feel very old by typing that), you may also remember a spoiler that arrived under similar circumstances. In that case, the film’s soundtrack included a piece titled ‘Qui-Gon’s Noble End’. While ‘Kanan’s End Credits’ perhaps doesn’t tip its hand (assuming there is a hand to tip) quite so blatantly, the circumstantial evidence paints a pretty clear picture.

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ will return to Disney XD for its final run of new episodes on February 19, 2018.