x-files comics

We can fight the future all we want but it looks to be only a matter of time until its case closed for ‘The X-Files,’ but we’ve learned that they’ll at least be returning in comic form. This June we’ll see IDW Publishing take over releasing comics on the property just about the time that the current season comes to an end. With Gillian Anderson unlikely to reprise her role as Agent Dana Scully, it will also be the last season for everyone’s favorite FBI duo.

Editor Denton J. Tipton shared the news, and it sounds like we’ll be getting a focus on the “Monster of the Week” styled episodes instead of the mythology ones. With those being the clear standouts in the recent two seasons and the mythology almost appearing to have run its course, that seems to make the most sense.

The book will be titled ‘The X-Files: Case Files’ and willl be penned by Delilah S. Dawson (‘Star Wars: Phasma’) with art by Marco Castiello. Tipton said in a tweet that “Happy to announce the return of The X-Files comics from IDW Publishing! New format of two-issue series with ‘Monster of the Week’ stories.”

It sounds like we’ll have plenty of fun going forward. Prior to this, we’ll see Tipton also releasing ‘The X-Files: JFK Disclosure’ in April. This one-shot will focus on Mulder learning the truth about the John F. Kennedy assassination which we’ve long been shown that The Cigarette Smoking Man was involved.

Details on the first issue of ‘The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man’ can be found below:

For 25 years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been shining their flashlights into the shadows, searching for the truth. To celebrate this anniversary, IDW Publishing is launching a new series of The X-Files: Case Files! Under this banner, faithful fans will see the release of numerous micro-series, featuring stories that explore X-Files of the past and present by top talent from comics and prose!

Our initial offering comes from Star Wars author Delilah S. Dawson and artist Marco Castiello. In “Florida Man…” Scully and Mulder are sent to a small Florida town to investigate a rash of bizarre crimes only to find themselves in the clutches of an alligator-worshipping cult.

They should have led that synopsis with an alligator-worshipping cult as just reading those words has me all in.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘The X-Files: Case Files’ when they are released to the public? Do you feel that this will fill the hole that the current series will leave when it comes to a close? Share your thoughts below!