a wrinkle in time

Disney decided to release a new spot for ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ last night during the Grammy’s, capitalizing on the big music night to continue to hype up their latest blockbuster which is set to hit theaters on March 9th. If they are lucky, they could hit upon another huge franchise as the author penned quite a few sequels set in the same world, all of which are ripe for a big screen adaptation should the original fare well with audiences and critics (and the international market – let’s not kid ourselves here.)

The new TV spot, unlike the trailer and other spots we have seen so far, shows us more of the villains of the film, including Michael Pena in the role of the possessed character who is the personification of the red-eyed IT, Pena looking to be perfect for the part as he can seamlessly shift from fun and wacky and helpful to eery, creepy and menacing with those glowing red eyes, as he does in the TV spot. The spot also introduced the real big bad of the film, The Black Thing, which is sure to be a difficult villain to pull off in the movie as in the source novel it is more of a concept than a literal person they can fight against. It will be interesting to see what the filmmakers do with the idea. Other than that, we continue to see more footage (old and new) of the Murry Children (Storm Reid and Deric McCabe), their father (Chris Pine), their classmate Calvin (Levi Miller), and the Ms. W’s (Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling).

What did you think of the new TV spot (you can check it out again below)? Share your thoughts on the spot or the movie in the comments section below!