The third season of ‘Gotham‘ has finally shown Bruce Wayne donning a dark costume and looking down over the city he is sworn to protect, and now we’ll be getting the next key to his evolution into Batman. Sure, so far young Master Wayne hasn’t been the most heroic of vigilantes now that he has donned some form of armor, but he hasn’t been the noblest of vigilantes.

What moment could help turn the Caped Crusader into the hero we know and love? How about actually throwing some bats into the mix. While there will likely be more to this inspiration into turning bats into a symbol that will cause Bruce to become the hero we want, the bat-moment is coming.

David Mazouz was asked about how Bruce might end up in the second half of the current season, and he gave us a considerable reveal:

“I know there were a lot of restrictions put on the show regarding bats early on, so I’m no sure what we’re allowed to do at this point. But bats will be on the show very soon, and there will be a form of bat encounter. There will be a very clear form of that iconic moment of Bruce being afraid of bats and having a connection to bats and it won’t be in the way that it’s already been done. This is a new approach and it is going to be an alternative version. But that encounter will definitely happen and it will happen fairly soon when we come back.

Clearly, we’re far past the point of Bruce falling or running into a cave full of bats at this point. He’s already well on his way to becoming a vigilante so it will be interesting to see what this new approach is.

Potentially adding a bat symbol to his suit with pointy ears is one thing but Mazouz also confirmed that “when the suit comes back you’ll be seeing upgrades” and that “every time he wears the suit from this point on, there’s going to be an upgrade either by Bruce or by Lucius or Alfred.”

I wonder if this is also a hint that a utility belt could be in the works.

Are you glad to see that some form of the bat-moment is finally coming to ‘Gotham’? Do you think he’ll already be back on track to becoming a hero before it does or will this help shape him into The Dark Knight? Share your thoughts below!