the tick

‘The Tick’ has been a smash hit for fans and now we have a second season to look forward to! While the first season still has to wrap up when it returns on February 23rd, 2018, the second full season is set to premiere in 2019. This half-hour superhero show will have another ten episodes to check out when it returns. That is probably the only sad news from Amazon Studios announcement, that it hadn’t been given a longer run. We’re unsure if there will be a pause in the release of the new season but it will be produced in 2018 with a release in 2019.

While fans of the original series were iffy, the pilot proved that Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick and Griffin Newman as Arthur not only worked but anyone who has been watching the series can attest that they’ve just gotten better as the too-short first season has aired.

According to Sharon Yguado, head of scripted series at Amazon Studios:

“Ben has created a resounding hit while Peter and Griffin have brought Tick and Arthur to indelible life.”

Executive producer and creator of the character, Ben Edlund, released his own comments on the series saying:

“We can’t wait to bring fans more of the Tick universe soon. I am so excited that Amazon wants to continue this wildly fruitful collaboration and that this amazing cast gets to stay together, and that we get to build this mythos further, wider, deeper, and taller.”

It was mentioned that the cast would be expanded for the second season, but no details as to actors or roles were provided at this time.

Are you happy to hear that we’ll be getting a second season of the live-action ‘The Tick’ series from Amazon? Which actor do you think would be a perfect fit for this unique world? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter