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One of the most iconic comic book creators in the industry, Stan Lee, recently turned 95 and while we hope he keeps going strong for years to come, back in 1996 he cracked a joke about his obituary. Actually, it was how his obituary being on file somewhere would mean that he had made it in life. Lee is always willing to crack jokes and while talking to Conan O’Brien shared a dark and hilarious thought about his view on fame.

Prior to making it big with comics, Lee worked for a newspaper where he helped write obituaries for celebrities who were getting on in age. They wanted to be prepared for that worst case scenario so that they didn’t have to track down all of the details at the last minute.

According to Lee:

“When a celebrity dies, about 15 minutes later, the newspaper comes out and there are about three pages of write-ups about them, and you wonder how did they write it that fast? It’s all there in advance.


I’d love to think my obituary is on file somewhere. Then I’d know I made it. I don’t want to see it too soon, but that’s how I’d know I made it.”

This is even truer today as news sites and blogs need to get news out the moment it drops.

You can check out Stan Lee sharing this anecdote on The Late Show in this clip below:


With “Smilin” Stan Lee already 95 years old to say this is dark humor is an understatement. I’m not sure if he would find it quite as amusing as he did previously though we hope that he’ll still be around for quite a few years to come.

Do you agree with Stan Lee that this is one way to know that you’ve made it even if there would be no way to find out? How many sites out there likely have an obituary already penned for Stan “The Man” Lee? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter