While Carl Grime’s time has almost come to an end on ‘The Walking Dead‘ outside of a last minute twist, fans are already morning the departure of Chandler Riggs from the show. In fact, the outpouring of sentiment has been so noticed that Chandler’s mother, Gina Ann-Riggs, has taken the time to write a letter which personally thanks all of the fans of the series who have supported her son’s work so far. The outspoken want for Carl to somehow stay alive is a far cry from the “Stay in the house Carl” thoughts that we all had during the first few seasons.

This just goes to show how much Chandler has grown as an actor as well as the writing staff who have improved their work with the character, until that finale at least.

To thank fans Gina had the following to say on her personal Instagram:

This was a much friendlier approach than how Chandler’s father took the news.

While fans of the show have been expecting Carl to die for years, he is also the one comic character who Robert Kirkman has always said will make it to the end of the comics. AMC has never been willing to shy away from comic canon in their stories but this departure almost seems unexpected knowing that Carl is the only confirmed safe character in the source material.

No matter how it plays out, the loss of Carl will be a very motivating factor for Rick Grimes going forward. While he was willing to let Negan stay alive and imprisoned in the comics, this loss might push him over the edge even with Carl’s request that killing isn’t the answer.

What do you think of Gina’s post on her son no longer being part of ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you feel that the show will be worse off without Chandler or will this spur the story into an entirely new direction? Share your thoughts below!