Deborah Ann Woll

It’s been nearly two years, with only ‘The Defenders‘ to hold us over, but ‘Daredevil’ will finally be returning to our screens next year. And given the state in which the crossover left the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, it’s hard not to wonder what’s next for him (even if you’re among those underwhelmed by ‘The Defenders’). But even with that cliffhanger and the second season’s focus on the machinations of the Hand, there remain plenty of other questions for the series to answer.

Perhaps chief among those is the nature of Karen Page’s past. Over the course of the show’s two seasons, it’s been hinted that there is some dark secret in Karen’s past, most notably in her first season showdown with Wesley. But will we see that explored in the third season? Well, what little we know of the season suggests it will be drawing on elements of Frank Miller’s classic ‘Born Again’ storyline. That story does deal in some depth with Karen’s past indiscretions, albeit in a vastly different way than that in which the show is likely to approach the matter. Regardless of what the show has in store for her, it this is a story that actress Deborah Ann Woll would like to tell:

“Definitely her past. We’ve been hinting at it, and I hope that we eventually unwrap that candy. That’s cool to me. Really, my favorite thing to work on with the character is that doggedness and pushiness. Karen is pushy, and I like that. I like it in a female character because I think it’s a quality that we historically have disliked in women. I think it can be a strength as well as a weakness. It can be one of those wonderful, complex aspects of her. She won’t let things go, even if it gets her hurt, or if it gets someone else hurt. She’s out there, she’s gonna get the truth, and she can’t stop thinking about it or let it go, and she never will. That’s a really fun part of her personality to play with.”

The third season of ‘Daredevil’ is due to arrive on Netflix in 2018, though a more specific release window has yet to be confirmed. The series stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Hensen, and Vincent D’Onofrio.