It’s finally happened. Disney bought most Fox properties which means that Marvel Studios can add The Fantastic Four and the X-Men to their cinematic universe opening up countless new story possibilities. Let’s get into some low-hanging fruit.

The Rise Of The Illuminati

Marvel Comics feature a small council of heroes from different teams called the Illuminati. The group originally featured Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Namor. All except Namor are now available to Marvel Studios, even if they opt to keep Black Bolt of Inhumans fame isolated to TV. Bringing the Illuminati to film would link franchises together in a way that doesn’t interfere with their autonomy while preparing for the next big crossover. If this happens, expect great dialogue from the universes most intelligent and scheming players with exciting and perhaps ominous results.


Black Panther & Storm Forever

What better way to cross pollinate franchise fandom than with a linking romance? Black Panther and Storm have been a longtime couple in the comics and would seem to be a slam dunk for the movies. Wakanda is shaping up to be a key locale in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It, and it’s supporting characters, might as well show up everywhere they can.


Doctor Doom & Friends


Victor Von Doom is primarily a Fantastic Four villain, but he also is the perfect foil for the MCU’s current Facial Hair Bros, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange. Why? It’s the clashing of superiority complexes. Doom is a peer of Stark in regards to science and technology and a peer of Strange in regards to the mystic arts. Let’s see who is really the smartest guy in the room.


The Scarlet Witch’s Revelations

Wanda Maximoff has not been allowed the designation of mutant as of yet in the MCU. That can now change. There’s no reason why the Scarlet Witch cannot be the bridge between the pre-existing Avengers universe to the new entries of the X-Men. The realization that her father is Magneto opens up a new avenue of conflict in exploring where her loyalty lies. The same could be said about her brother Quicksilver, but since he is dead in the continuity that matters, it may be a moot point.


Rogue With Captain Marvel’s Powers

Way back in 2000, when Hugh Jackman first donned his claws, Rogue was a prominent character who did not quite fit the expectation of those who grew up watching the X-Men cartoons. She could not fly or punch through walls because of the limits of her universe. Rogue gains the superpowers of Captain Marvel after absorbing them during her stint as a villain. We finally have Rogue and Carol Danvers in the same universe primed to incite a battle between mutants and the Avengers.


Beast Or Wolverine Joins The Avengers

A new X-Man arrival should make their way over to the Avengers roster after the initial growing pains. The most traditional choice is Beast, but the more modern X-Man/Avenger is Wolverine. Logan will almost certainly be recast and this double duty could be the boost the character will need to get out from under Jackman’s shadow.


The Thing & Hulk Fight

Because, of course, they have to.


Doctor Doom Becomes The New Big Bad

It’s reasonable to expect Thanos will be dispatched at the end of ‘Infinity Wars’. This leaves whatever heroes remain with no clear threat to take on. Enter Doctor Doom. Doom is a top tier comic book bad guy who has yet to be made into a compelling on-screen presence. Marvel could introduce him in a Fantastic Four film and parlay those high stakes into the next major Avengers film. Don’t think he could do it? He’s become Emperor then God in the comics already. He could do it.


Magneto Becomes The New Big Bad

In the Ultimate Comics that are largely an inspiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Magneto shifted the Earth’s poles causing more destruction than any threat up to that point. In House of M, he made mutants the ruling class using his daughter’s magic. Magneto has been the most interesting character of the X-Men films to date and it would be a waste to do anything less with him moving forward.


Galactus Becomes The New Big Bad

The last option for the next Avenger’s threat has no cinematic equal. Imagine a giant world-eater on screen with earth’s heroes scrambling like insects around him. The move to make Galactus a cloud in ‘Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is inexplicable to me. Nothing would look more badass than Galactus on screen. He doesn’t have to be purple, people.

Whatever happens, it’s an exciting time to be a Marvel fan. What new possibilities do you most want to see on screen?