While Star Wars fans are divided on what order the best films in the franchise are, ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ tends to be in the top two among many fans though Mark Hamill is still annoyed with one key scene from the film. There is a moment where Hamill feels he was misled as to the actions of Luke Skywalker and it was right at the outset of this second adventure with the character.

In the film’s introduction, we see our favorite Jedi clearly not up to snuff on his powers as a Wampa knocks him off and drags him to his lair. We presume this is where Luke is meant to be dinner, but thanks to some fancy Force work and lightsaber skills, that wasn’t meant to be and Luke was able to disarm the creature, quite literally, before making his escape.

Only, that isn’t how it was supposed to happen. Here is what Hamill had to say:

If this is true, it sounds like director Irvin Kirshner and George Lucas weren’t in agreement with Hamill as to how to best deal with this Hoth creature.

While the actor can often be found messing with fans when it comes to Star Wars, he was rather vocal about this not being a joke when asked. Sounds like this could have been one of the first times Luke ended up using his powers to advance a possible switch to the Dark Side! I suppose we could also throw in the time he ended up killing Jabba the Hutt’s rancor as well and everyone who was aboard the first Death Star.

Do you feel that the Wompa had it coming or does this go against everything Luke would have been trying for? Share your thoughts below!