Plans to adapt John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Image Comic book series ‘Chew’ are dead.  As Layman stated:

“It was supposed to be a TV show. That died. It was supposed to be a cartoon. That died. Now it’s supposed to be a TV show again.”

When some interpreted this statement to mean that a live action TV show was in the works, Layman clarified, via Twitter:

“Getting a phone call once every so often from somebody who thinks a Chew TV show would be a good idea is not ‘in development’.  It’s nothing. There is no news here.”

‘Chew’, about FDA agent Tony Chu who gets psychic impressions from eating, was in development as a live-action series at Showtime in 2011, from the team behind ‘The Walking Dead’.  A pilot was crafted, but as Layman puts it, “That died” after a poor showing of the pilot.  It was later planned to be converted into an animated project, with ‘TWD”s Steven Yeun cast to play Tony, with Felicia Day as his love interest Amelia Mintz and David Tennant as Tony’s mentor Mason Savoy.  Robin Williams had previously been tapped to voice Savoy, before his untimely death.  The animated ‘Chew’ was at times planned as both a series and as a stand-alone movie.  According to Layman, that project was scrapped “a year ago.”

The Image Comics series lasted for sixty issues, published between 2009 and 2016.  It won two Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards.

There is always the chance that another production company could come along and adapt ‘Chew’ into either animation or live action.  As Layman says, “It took Preacher 15 years to become a TV show so I’m being patient.”

Are you upset that plans to adapt ‘Chew’ have come to an end?  Were you looking forward to seeing this project?

Source: Newsarama