We’ve all been hoping that the Marvel Cinematic Universe might become more inclusive with their Netflix and ABC shows but it doesn’t sound like that will be happening in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘. ‘Jessica Jones‘ showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was recently asked about it and if it is in the works, it isn’t something that she seems to be aware of. There is always the chance that she is playing coy for fans or a last-minute cameo is going to happen but just hasn’t been filmed yet but with the film being where it is in production that seems highly unlikely.

We’ve all seen how the various Netflix shows and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ have referenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years but increasingly the MCU has ignored what was going on outside of their own little bubble. This isn’t too surprising with the longstanding disagreements which have been rumored to exist between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV but it is still sad to see that there isn’t more of a connection.

Rosenberg was actually asked if there was even a possibility that we’d see Jessica or any of her recent teammates making even a brief jump to the big screen and she stated that:

“None whatsoever. Our partners are Marvel, and if we’re doing something that’s counter to [their continuity], they would pull us back or orient us on the right path, so clearly we’re [okay]. But we’re very much in our own world.”

Everything is connected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the films that is. Hopefully, one day things can get smoothed over and we see an actual transition of these heroes able to work together. It feels as if there will be a huge stretch as to why any of these characters don’t try to be active while Thanos is invading New York in the upcoming film.

Maybe it will happen, but I sadly wouldn’t get my hopes up for it.

Are you annoyed that Marvel can’t seem to get its act together and actually have everything be connected? What is a plausible reason as to why Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones wouldn’t be front and center against the army that Thanos brings to New York? We know that Daredevil is currently recuperating so he has an excuse but it seems as if some attempt would be made to help out.

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Source: Comic Book