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It appears that the sequel to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, this year’s hit reboot of the franchise, co-produced by Sony and Marvel Studios will introduce a new twist on a familiar face– Gwen Stacy.

Emma Stone (above) portrayed Peter Parker’s love interest in the two ‘Amazing’ films, while Bryce Dallas Howard made an earlier appearance as this character in ‘Spider-Man 3’.

And audition tape has surfaced of a French actor named Louna trying out for a role.  You can view it below:


Here is a transcript of the dialogue:

Scene #1

Gwen – “Peter, I’m so sorry about your Uncle.”

Peter – “Well thank you”

Gwen – “I didn’t know this was your family. I was just wondering why you haven’t been to school.”

Peter – “Really?

Gwen – “Well, like you. Hate you. Nobody can forget you.”


Scene #2

Captain Stacy – “Off to do your homework?”

Gwen – “Umm just about dad. What are you doing tonight?”

Captain Stacy – “Sitting down and checking over some police reports.”

Gwen – “Haha need any help?”

Captain Stacy – “From my best cop sure; but”

Gwen – “But what?”

Captain Stacy – “Well no father wants to rush his little girl out the door. Especially, when shes going into a teenager. But I would figure you would want to spend time with kids your own age.”

Gwen – “Pass.”

Captain Stacy – “Ha whats wrong? I don’t know if you get any requests.”

Gwen – “No plenty of requests. Just not from the right sources.”

Captain Stacy – “Meaning?”

Gwen – “Well, most of the guys that come at me are jerks or want to be playboys. But then there’s…this one guy. But even if he got the nerve to ask me out. I think he would get us both killed. He is such a klutz!”

Captain Stacy – “But you like him?!”

Gwen – “I don’t know. There’s something different about him.”

In ‘Homecoming’, the Caucasian characters Ned Leeds and (possibly) MJ were recast with ethnic actors, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya, respectively.  (Of course, MJ doesn’t stand for Mary Jane in this film, so that may be a misdirect.)  It’s not outside the realm of possibility to change Gwen Stacy into a foreign character.  (I won’t say “exchange student” as clearly she lives with her father.)  It’s odd that in the first scene she references Peter’s uncle’s death as having just occurred, when in ‘Homecoming’, according to Peter’s dialogue, this already happened in the past– within the last year.  Fans don’t really need to see this depicted on the big screen again.  Then again, it could just be mock dialogue used for the test.

In addition to Gwen being foreign, another cool twist would be for the films to potentially introduce Spider-Gwen, the incredibly popular variation of the character that currently stars as her own superhero in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Of course, there was so much buzz and speculation about Zendaya’s role in ‘Homecoming’ with so many rumors that she was playing THE Mary Jane, which essentially didn’t turn out to be true.  (Her character’s first name is Michelle.)  And there has been tons of speculation that Tiffany Espensen‘s seemingly normal role as Cindy, one of Peter’s classmates will actually turn out to be another female hero, Silk.  So far that also hasn’t turned out to be true.

The sequel to ‘Homecoming’ isn’t due out until July 5, 2019, but production should begin in the next six months, with Jon Watts returning to direct.  Before that, Tom Holland will return as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ on May 4, 2018 and ‘Avengers 4’ on May 3, 2019.  The ‘Spider-Man’ sequel will be the first official movie to come after the end of Marvel’s Phase Three.

More news… and probably lots of gossip… to come.  Check back for updates!

Source: Omega Underground