Joe Haldeman’s ‘The Forever War’ is a 1974 cult classic novel in the science fiction community and soon we’ll see a comic take on the 1999 sequel released titled ‘The Forever War: Forever Free’! The novel was a smash hit and was even slated to have a film adaptation released, so a follow up is great news for fans! While we have no word if the movie is still in production, it is thrilling to hear that a new comic is in the works which will visually continue the story! Art is being tackled by European artist Marvano and from the early previews that we can share with you, it looks as if they’ve picked the perfect artist for the job!

In the new series, we’ll be again following William Mandella who is one of the survivors of an intergalactic war. On returning to Earth he will find that with so much time having passed, humanity has “transformed into something almost as terrifying as the aliens he had fought earlier.” He tried to take “his family into a brave new world” and his plans “go awry in an entirely unexpected way.”

According to Haldeman:

“I am thrilled to see this series back in print, with Marvano’s matchless artwork!”

The original novel was already adapted as a comic in 1988 but being able to expand on the story should have everyone thrilled. We’ll have to wait until April to start picking up the new installments but thankfully that is only five months of painful waiting ahead of us!

Below is a preview look at the book:

Seriously, a perfect choice on the art. I can’t wait to see what this will show us for the future of humanity.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘The Forever War: Forever Free’ when it debuts next year? Do you think that Haldeman’s work will be given a proper adaptation here? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Hollywood Reporter