James Cameron
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James Cameron is responsible for directing some of the most influential science fiction films of all time. Included in his body of work are movies such as ‘The Terminator‘ which had artificial intelligence created and rebel against humanity. Much like the Cylons of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ there is a worry that humanity might create robotic overlords that will enslave or eradicate us all in their own version of “Judgement Day“.

Only, Cameron thinks we may have already lost. He’s noted that many in the field have already expressed concerns about the rise of AI:

“I look at what’s happening now with the emergence of artificial general intelligence equal to or greater than humans, and you’ve got Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking and others saying that this could be really bad for the survival of the human race. What was science fiction in the ’80s is now imminent. It’s coming over the horizon at us.”

This is a valid concern. Many of the smartest humans on the planet worry as to what we could end up creating. An AI could be a Pandora’s Box just waiting to be opened. However, the idea that machines will take over is something that could already have happened:

“People ask me: ‘Will the machines ever win against humanity?’ I say: ‘Look around in any airport or restaurant and see how many people are on their phones. The machines have already won. It’s just [that] they’ve won in a different way. We are co-evolving with our technology. We’re merging.”

As to the traits he feels could give rise to an AI that would end up not having humanity’s future in their best interest?

“At the very least, they will reflect our best and worst nature because we make them and we program them. But it’s going to take a lot of money. So who’s got the money to do it and the will to do it?

It could be business, so the Googles and the other big tech companies. And if you’re doing it for business, you’re doing it to improve your market share or whatever your business goals are. So you’re essentially taking a machine smarter than a human and teaching it greed. Or it’s for defense, in which case you’re taking a machine smarter than a human and teaching it to kill. Neither one of those has a good outcome in my mind.”

These are all pretty valid points when you think about it. The reality is, if an AI is created it will likely be by big business or government. We all know how well that can end up being for everyone involved.

Do you think that our future Artificial Intelligence Overlords will be beneficial rulers or are we all doomed? Have we already passed the point of no return? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter