dakota fanning please stand by

‘Star Trek’ films aren’t particularly hard to come by – one seems to swing into theaters every few years, whether they are part of the newer J.J. Abrams-led “Kelvin Timeline” or if they feature the cast and crew of Trek TV series gone by, like Captain Kirk and company or ‘The Next Generation.’  In early 2018, however, a very different film about ‘Star Trek’ is headed to theaters.

‘Please Stand By’ tells the tale of an autistic young woman, portrayed by Dakota Fanning, who has to live her life according to a fairly strict routine, in order to combat the mental chaos of her disorder.  She goes on an unexpected and unpredictable adventure, however, when she learns about a contest to submit fan-made ‘Star Trek’ movie scripts and simply has to ensure that hers makes it into the competition.

You can get your first look at the newly-released trailer below!  The film stars Toni Collette and Alice Eve alongside Fanning.  Written by Michael Golamco, ‘Please Stand By’ is directed by Ben Lewin.

Wendy (Dakota Fanning) sees things differently: she’s fiercely independent, with a brilliant mind and a mischievous sense of hilarity. Wendy also has autism. To her, people are an indecipherable code and the world’s a confusing place. She’s always had a hard time figuring it all out and she just wants a chance to be accepted…just like everybody else. But inspired by no-nonsense caretaker Scottie (Academy Award® Nominee Toni Collette), Wendy comes of age and escapes from her care home on the road-trip of a lifetime to deliver her 500-page Star Trek script to a Hollywood competition.

Trailing chaos, with Scottie and her big sister Audrey (Alice Eve) in hurried pursuit, Wendy leads us on a captivating and heart-warming adventure; showing the bravery it takes to be your own person.

‘Please Stand By’ offers its actresses two standout performances and a career-defining role in Wendy and is a refreshing, bold and intimate journey that brings a uniquely human perspective to life.

‘Please Stand By’ opens January 26, 2018, in select theaters, as well as on-demand via iTunes, Amazon Video, and more.