last jedi

The ‘Star Wars’ movies are notoriously secretive before their release, as most big budget tentpoles tend to be.  But the ‘Star Wars’ movies take that to a new level and for the most part, that’s the way fans like it.  When it comes to this space epic, moviegoers prefer to go in blank and witness the revelations unfold before their own eyes.

‘The Last Jedi’ director Rian Johnson has a secret to reveal, however.  And rest assured, it isn’t really a spoiler, although it may still catch some by surprise.

“That’s one thing I hope people will be surprised about with the movie.  I think it’s very funny. The trailers have been kind of dark – the movie has that, but I also made a real conscious effort for it to be a riot. I want it to have all the things tonally that I associate with Star Wars,which is not just the Wagner of it. It’s also the Flash Gordon.”

It is often hard to remember that, but there are some classic laughs in the ‘Star Wars’ films.  In the original movies, a lot of that stemmed from smart ass Han Solo or the always-awkward C-3PO.  In the prequels, the humor came from racially insensitive, buffoonish CGI slapstick.  (I… guess.)  Things get fairly dire in this good vs. evil clash.  There needs to be lighter elements to make things more palatable.

Also, in a sense, Johnson admitted that the expectation that ‘The Last Jedi’ is the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of this trilogy, indicating that things would get much darker, spurred him to take things in a different direction.

This could be tricky.  Are we talking ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ levels of humor?  You don’t want to mess with the ‘Star Wars’ formula too much.  But you don’t want to be ready to jump off the cliffs of Ahch-to after watching the film either.

Are you intrigued to see a lighter ‘Star Wars’?  Or does the idea make you want to go all dark Anakin?

Source: Rolling Stone