It was a couple days ago that Paramount had said in a press release that there would be a ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ in the works. Now, in keeping with tradition with the previous  ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies, Paramount has announced that ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ will be released on October 19 of this year.

Having the movie released around Halloween has worked for Paramount in the past. Last year’s ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ was released on October 21 and became the highest earning horror movie ever. It grossed a little over $202 million worldwide! Not bad for a movie that only cost $5 million to make. In comparison, ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ earned $177.5 million worldwide and only cost $3 million to make while the original, ‘Paranormal Activity’ only cost $15,000 to film but earned the studio $193.4 million worldwide. Naturally, Paramount is not going to give up this cash cow too quickly.

It doesn’t look like ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ will have too much competition when it comes out. The only other horror movie that will be released around the same time will be ‘Halloween 3D’ which will be released on October 26 and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ (aka ‘Leatherface 3D’) which opens on October 5th.

At the moment, there is no writer or director attached to this film that is supposed to be released in 9 months. But with the found footage technique used to film the movie, it probably doesn’t need a lot of pre-production time.

Keep checking back as I’m sure an announcement of who will write, direct and star in the film will be coming soon, but don’t expect much after that.  Knowing how these things work, we’ll probably have to wait until the first trailer is released to find out what this movie will be all about!