Mark Millar

We were all wondering what Mark Millar was going to be up to with regards to new projects for Millarworld, and now that it is owned by Netflix, he is dropping a hint at his fourth project which has yet to be announced. So far, a few new series are in the works including ‘The Magic Order‘, a new take on ‘Kick-Ass‘, and a return to Hit-Girl. Already, he has a mix of both old and new so it should be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve for the next creation.

The new project is still in the early phases being “three weeks into a new script, ” and it is hard to tell if he means a comic, film, or series script. The tease does include an image of an actual object and not an illustration however which almost would make you think this could be the first cinematic project between Millarworld and Netflix.

The image? As you can see below is an hourglass. There is only one piece of Millar’s work that the imagery would stand out for, and that is the wonderfully fun science fiction series he created with artist Sean Gordon Murphy ‘Chrononauts’.

The only problem with that theory is that it was released through Image Comics and that could mean cinematic rights would have to pass through them first.

The symbology could just as easily represent a new work or that time is running out which is a theme that could be played into many of his past works. Without knowing what medium this is for though your guess is as good as mine!  We’ just all have to wait just a tad bit longer for the announcement.

Do you think that this is a hint of a comic, show, or film? Will it be an existing property or something entirely new? Share your thoughts below!