what we left behind deep space nine adam nimoy

‘Star Trek’ has seen several incarnations of the franchise as TV shows with widely varying themes and focuses, but no series seems to prove more divisive to fans, in terms of what was presented on-screen and how it was received by viewers, than ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.’  (You come close, ‘Enterprise,’ and ‘Discovery’ so far is doing its best to contend for the title.)

To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the premiere of ‘Deep Space Nine,’ several of the show’s creative team are reuniting for a new documentary, entitled ‘What We Left Behind’ (a take on the title of the final episode of the series, ‘What You Leave Behind’).  The documentary has been in production for a while now, but the project seems to have hit a few snags; there is no guarantee that the documentary will be ready for the actual anniversary date, and we’ve now received word that Adam Nimoy, son of legendary ‘Star Trek’ actor Leonard Nimoy, is off the project as its director.

According to an update shared via the documentary’s Indiegogo campaign, Nimoy has announced that he will be staying onboard as a producer, but will no longer be directing.  A quote from Nimoy:

“The real creative force behind the DS9 documentary was well in place before I came along. I was happy to lend them support and guidance to push the project along so that it could be completed in time for the 25th anniversary of the show which is coming up in 2018. I wish the creative team all good things as they Boldly Go!”

The update also laid out, in no uncertain terms, that the “release dates are still undetermined,” meaning that they really aren’t sure if they will have things ready in time for the actual anniversary:

“Our original estimates for the premieres and film release was roughly February, 2018 — this was long BEFORE the Indiegogo campaign exceeded all expectations, and the scope of the project grew. As such, our filming and editing schedule has expanded to include a number of new and exciting creative ideas. While we still are aiming to have the film done in early 2018, it is likely these release timeframes will shift back (slightly) to accommodate.”

Hopefully, the team will have an actual release date for us soon, and when they do – we will certainly let you know!