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What would your Justice League look like?  That’s what YouTube star Todrick Hall wonders in his latest video project.  He sends out a signal and his dream team “comes together” and consists of fellow Youtube stars, singers Mario Bautista, Samantha Harvey, Clara Marz and J.Fla.  Combined, they pay tribute to the film ‘Justice League’, with Bautista as Batman, Harvey as The Flash, Marz as Aquaman (woman?), J.Fla as Wonder Woman and Hall himself as Cyborg.  Together, they provide a five-part harmony tribute to Gary Clark Jr.‘s cover of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ used heavily in the trailers for ‘Justice League’ and featured as the single from the soundtrack.  (Yes, this is a cover or a cover.)  Clark’s guitar-heavy instrumental track, produced by Junkie XL, serves as the basis for the remake.

The clip is fun and the singers are all pretty talented, although the video lacks some of the pop culture satire that a lot of Hall’s work is known for.  (Not surprising as this is officially sponsored by Warner Brothers.)  With many fans checking out the ‘Justice League’ movie this weekend, this seems like a perfect chance to relive the experience somewhat with this tribute video.

Check it out:


‘Justice League’ has gotten mostly poor reviews, with a Rotten Tomatoes ranking o f 31%, but like the also badly-received ‘Batman V Superman’ this film’s opening will be critic proof.  After all, this is a movie 57 years in the making.  (The ‘Justice League of America’ premiered in DC Comics in 1960.)  Especially after the success of ‘Wonder Woman’, those that have grown up with these iconic heroes will flock to theaters just to experience it for themselves, critics aside.

Did you see ‘Justice League’ this weekend?  If so, did you enjoy it?  This video should be a nice cap to the experience.

Source: YouTube