With the female-fronted ‘Resident Evil’ franchise over (but expecting a reboot), Constantin Films is looking to launch another action franchise based on J. Scott Campbell’s 90s Image Comic series ‘Danger Girl’.  Jeremy Bolt’s Bolt Pictures and Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films are signed on to develop the franchise as perhaps not only a film but possibly a TV series as well.

Bolt said:

“Danger Girl is the perfect opportunity to create a team of grounded, relatable and dangerous young female characters but with humor and spectacular action.”

The ‘Danger Girl’ comic was written by Andy Hartnell but was mainly known for Campbell’s sexy pin-up girl style art and was an instant smash when it debuted.  While it was originally published by Image– specifically Jim Lee’s Wildstorm imprint– it has since moved to IDW Publishing.  ‘Danger Girl’ has appeared in crossovers with Batman, G.I. Joe and Army of Darkness.

‘Danger Girl’ was a comedic spy thriller which drew from many sources.  The founder of the team, Deuce, is a retired British secret agent, who is drawn to look like Sean Connery, with many references that hint that he is actually James Bond/007.  Similarly, the character Secret Agent Zero resembles European spy character Diabolik, a popular star of comic books and films.  Australian agent Sydney Savage is a pro with a bullwhip, similar to Indiana Jones.  And of course, the trio of female adventurers mirrors the format of ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

The main character is crack shot Abbey Chase, who joins forces with Savage and Russian blade expert Natalia Kassle.  The team is also assisted by teenage computer whiz Silicon Valerie.  Eventually, Sydney’s sister Sonya joins the team after a betrayal.  In the 2000 Playstation video game, the third DG is a mechanic named “JC,” who has never appeared in the comics.

‘Hitman’ producer Askarieh has been developing the film since 2010 and took the project to Bolt and Constantin.  Constantin’s Robert Kulzer, Bolt, and Askarieh will produce the ‘Danger Girl’ movie, with Martin Moszkowicz, Campbell and Hartnell executive producing.  In 2010, Todd Lincoln (‘The Apparition’) was attached as the director, but it’s unclear if that remains the case.  ‘Danger Girl’ was previously in development as a film by New Line, with ‘Blade”s Stephen Norrington attached to direct.

Along similar lines, Elizabeth Banks is currently developing a new film version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ with Sony.

Are you a fan of ‘Danger Girl’?  How do you think a film will do?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter