We’re about to see the team up of the century on the big screen when Cable is introduced in the still untitledDeadpool 2‘ but Marvel is preemptively stealing the film’s thunder by killing off the time traveling son of Cyclops and Jean in ‘Deadpool #290! Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish have been building up to this devastating death for the run of the series so far. It all boils down to Deadpool making a deal with Stryfe to cure his family. To buy the cure, he owes Cable’s clone a few deaths.

Number one with a bullet? Cable, and it looks like that death will be coming on December 13th, 2018!

Now, this isn’t the first time Cable has been killed in the comics. With the use of some creative time travel, it is quite likely that the Merc with the Mouth won’t actually kill his bestie from the future, at least not permanently. Still, we could see Cable dead for a while if it isn’t a quick fix in case the studio is once again having an issue with the cinematic X-Men. I’m sure we can all remember certain characters such as Wolverine, Deadpool, Professor X, and the Fantastic Four all of a sudden ending up dead and not in the comics when feature films were in the works.

The timing almost seems suspicious though I suppose it’ll all depend on how long Cable stays dead.

When talking about if Deadpool is actually being a hero or villain here, Koblish won’t talk about the plot of the issue but does share:

“You’ll have to make up your own mind if he’s justified in his actions. Wade has to make some really difficult decisions to be made over the next few issues, and even just as reader I am pretty shocked at where Gerry is going with this.”

Outside of Cable dying as the cover shows, he can’t even tease any twists that will be coming up as “too much relies on surprise right now. Mum’s the word.” And as to the future of Wade in this book? The one thing you can expect is “Awful, awful things.”

Do you think that Cable will be gone for good after ‘Despicable Deadpool’ #290 is released? Will the Merc with the Mouth off his friend with no backup plan in mind? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Catch the final downfall of Deadpool and Cable in DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #290 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish when it hits shelves on December 13.

Source: Marvel