stranger things 2 dustin demodog

We all fell in love with Dustin’s little Demodog Dart back when he was a little slug type of creature and now Ross Duffer has opened up a bit about it. There are a couple of spoilers in here so if you haven’t watched the second season of ‘Stranger Things‘ quite yet you may want to come back after you’ve gotten a chance to get your bingewatching on.

Now, we all suspected that Dart was the slug from the end of the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ or related to it and we were quickly proven right. While it was pretty clear to us that the Demodogs weren’t going to be friendly to the kids on the show, Dustin not only proved us wrong but his kindness to Dart paid off in spades for the finale.

First off though, for anyone who was hoping that Dart somehow made it when Eleven finally closed the gate that connected our Earth to The Upside Down we’ve got some bad news for you. According to Ross Duffer:

“I would say Dart has unfortunately perished. Spoiler alert. Yeah. Once the gate gets closed, he’s cut off and so he died by his beloved Three Musketeers Bar.”

So we do know that without having an open connection either to The Upside Down or The Shadow Monster that these Demodogs can’t exist. It isn’t clear what is keeping them alive but the creature that let the boys pass because of its affection for Dustin and Three Musketeers Bars won’t be making an appearance down the line. Maybe we can get some #JusticeForDart along with Barb and Bob?

At any rate, the Dustin and Dart subplot seemed to be one of those moments in the show that everyone was asking what Dustin was doing by creating what was clearly going to be a horrible situation down the line. It didn’t pan out that way in the end, outside of a certain cat that is, but Dustin’s love for science made him open to other possibilities than what his friends all believed:

“I think that Dustin, no matter what, science is his love. So even when Mike is saying that line about ‘Just because it’s from the Death Star doesn’t mean it’s bad,’ I think that’s where Dustin feels different. Which is that, you know, this is still an amazing discovery that I had. He has no idea until it eats Mews that this thing is actually dangerous. So I think it’s that excitement of discovery as, he’s this kid who’s into science and this is a mind-blowing thing. I think he is naive about it, but in the end I like to say this: his being friendly to this thing, instead of trying to kill it, ends up saving the kids at the very end. So that generosity ends up saving the day.”

Mews was clearly the turning point for Dustin but we could even see beyond Dart munching down on their pet cat that there was still an affection for this little monster. Not that I believe it would have stopped Dustin from putting it down once he had the chance.

Do you think humans and Demodogs, as well as other creatures from The Upside Down, could get along under different circumstances? Was Dart connected to his own world or The Shadow Monster when his life was snuffed out by Eleven’s actions? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinemablend