1986 birthed one of the best video game franchises of all time with ‘Rampage‘ and now this mindless game about playing giant monsters taking down buildings is becoming a movie and we’ve got two new screenshots from the film! While hits like ‘Godzilla’, ‘Kong: Skull Island’, and ‘Pacific Rim’ have shown that we still love giant creature features, a focus on humans could end up working against it. Thankfully, they’ve made sure one of those humans was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which will help us deal with not just seeing giant rampaging monsters on screen.

Both of these shots have The Rock who is playing primatologist Davis Okoye looking out over a city which has been devastated. In the first image, he’s by himself, though in the second he is joined by Naomie Harris as Kate Caldwell.

In the movie, Okoye is in charge of helping a gorilla, a wolf, and a crocodile who are all growing larger than life. Genetic experiments were done on them turning these animals into monsters and now Okoye has to help save Chicago from their rampage while trying to keep them safe as well.

As for Caldwell, she is a discredited genetic scientist and will likely be the one to find a solution to the rampaging monsters which are tearing apart the city!

Not pictured here is Jeffrey Dean Morgan who will be “a government agent named Harvey Russell tracking the rampaging monsters” who will likely not be carrying around a baseball bat in any scenes. Finally, there is also a villainess behind things named Claire Wyden and according to Johnson Malin Akerman “not only can carry the screen but can also be captivating and really believable in terms of her malevolent nature.”

Sounds like we have something to look forward to here.

Oh, and a trailer is finally dropping this Thursday!

It’s a #BigMeetsBigger kinda week. Our new #RAMPAGEMovie trailer drops this THURSDAY. My best friend in the movie is a BIG boy. Big as in a MASSIVE rare albino Silverback, named George. Here’s the challenge: post pics what’s BIG in your life. Could be you and a huge animal, a human pyramid with you at the top, you and 7ft Shaq etc. All you need is imagination, something big af and your phone. And a little tequila never hurts. I’ll highlight the TOP 5 this THURSDAY during my FIRST EVER INSTAGRAM LIVE before we launch our trailer. I’ll send the TOP 5 a bunch of free, new bad ass #ProjectRock gear. It’s @underarmour’s hottest selling collection of 2017 so get creative. Make sure you hashtag #BigMeetsBigger and #RampageMovie. Have fun.

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While the two above images clearly didn’t show any of the monsters quite yet, one can suspect we’ll be seeing at least hints of them when the trailer drops. While their reveals are what everyone wants to see, no one wants to wait for half the movie to see what these creatures will end up looking like. We’re not pointing fingers at ‘Godzilla’ or anything but I think everyone can agree that was the big letdown for fans.

Are you looking forward to ‘Rampage’? Do you think that we’ll get some giant monsters in the trailer this week? Share your thoughts below!

‘Rampage’ will be tearing through theaters on April 20th, 2018!

Source: USA Today