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When a new actor is cast as the Doctor, one of the first questions that comes up (apart, of course, from how they might handle the role) is what their costume is going to look like. Today, the BBC has answered that question once again with the release of the first official photo of Jodie Whittaker in costume as the Thirteenth Doctor.

The timing of the announcement is actually something of a surprise, as while Whittaker will be appearing in this year’s Christmas special, it will likely only be for a regeneration scene towards the end of the episode. As a result, the special will likely only see the incoming Time Lady don a tattered version of Peter Capaldi’s wardrobe. Historically, such reveals come a closer to a Doctor’s introduction than their predecessor’s exit, and Whittaker’s debut season of ‘Doctor Who’ is not expected to premiere until the latter half of 2018.

Jodi Whittaker Doctor Who

Much like the casting of Whittaker herself, the costume represents something of a departure from what modern ‘Who’ fans have come to expect. However, that doesn’t mean the look is entirely without precedent, and it’s easy to see a number of visual nods to classic ‘Who’. In the broadest of terms, it is easily the quirkiest look a Doctor has had for quite some time, as most of the post-2005 Doctors have favored (comparatively) subdued styles. More specifically, the suspenders can be taken as a callback to several prior incarnations (Matt Smith comes to mind, as does Sylvester McCoy), but when paired with baggy or loose fitting pants, the look calls to mind nothing so much as Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor. Additionally, the pale coat is reminiscent not only of Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor but also of the second incarnation of Romana, as played by Lalla Ward (whose own look was increasingly influenced by the Fourth Doctor throughout her time in the TARDIS.

Have at it, cosplayers!

Jodie Whittaker will make her debut as the Doctor this Christmas, when ‘Doctor Who’ returns for the broadcast of ‘Twice Upon A Time’. The special, which will culminate in the regeneration of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, is also set to feature Pearl Mackie, David Bradley, and Mark Gatiss. There have also been persistent rumors of Jenna Coleman making a return appearance. In addition to Capaldi, producer Steven Moffat will also be bowing out at Christmas. The outgoing showrunner will be succeeded by Chris Chibnall.

What do you think of the Thirteenth Doctor’s look? Did you spot any homages we missed? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back with for more news on both ‘Twice Upon A Time’ and the upcoming eleventh season of ‘Doctor Who’ as it becomes available!