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In the nearly ten years since the broadcast of ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’, fans have been itching to see more of the titular Time Lady. Now, at long last, Jenny will be making her return in a series of audio dramas from Big Finish. As is customary with Big Finish, the audio dramas will star Georgia Tennant (nee Moffet), who originated the role on television. While Tennant has worked with Big Finish on several occasions in the past, the upcoming releases will mark her first time reprising the role of Jenny. When last we saw the character, she revived (without regenerating) in wake of her apparent death an “commandeered” a spaceship before venturing into the unknown.

Though Tennant’s return was announced back in July, Big Finish has now confirmed additional details pertaining to the upcoming release. Titled ‘Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter’, the release will take the form of a box set of four stories: ‘Stolen Goods’ but Matt Fitton, ‘Prisoner of the Ood’, by John Dorney, ‘Neon Reign’ by Christian Brassington, and ‘Zero Space’ by Adrian Poynton. Similar to the studio’s releases focusing on characters like River Song or Sarah Jane Smith, these will be solo stories, with minimal involvement (if any) from the Doctor.

But just because she’s not rushing to reunite with her dear old dad, don’t presume that Jenny is flying solo! Indeed, while the Doctor will likely not have a presence in these adventures, Jenny is nonetheless following in his footsteps. Yes, she’s doing so by exploring time and space, but we’ve also learned that — like her father — she’ll be joined by a travelling companion. Though little else is known at this time, that companion is a man named Noah, to be played by Sean Biggerstaff (of ‘Harry Potter’ fame). The stories will additionally feature Stuart Milligan in an as yet undisclosed role.

The set, which is due for release in June 2018, is currently available for preorder as either a CD or a digital download on Big Finish’s website.

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