justice league

There have been several official trailers for ‘Justice League’.  A lot of the same footage has popped up in many, but usually each has offered a few brand new clips, allowing fans’ to assemble the movie as best they can using their imaginations.  But one industrious fan, Sebastian Hughes, has taken the initiative of splicing every ounce of footage together into the ‘Ultimate Trailer’ for the upcoming film.  Gone is the rocking Godsmack cover of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’, replaced with a more somber classical piece, ‘Window of Appearances’ by Phillip Glass.

Presumably, like the rest of us, Hughes hasn’t seen the actual movie, so the pieces, like most trailers, mixes the footage together in random order, although he does create something of a narrative as the action clips lead to the same ending as most of the previously released ads.  (The one questionable edit is placing the “Wonder Woman stopping a robbery” footage after most of the big Steppenwolf battle scenes, as presumably, that happens toward the beginning of the film.)

Check out Hughes’ work below:


‘Justice League’ arrives in less than a month, so expect Warner Brothers to start blitzing out new trailers any day now.  Here’s hoping that they don’t reveal too much, as so far, the trailers– as light on plot as they are– have been fairly well-received.  This is one of those movies that diehards are going to flock to in droves on opening weekend.  It will make tons of money.  After that, it’s going to be at the mercy of their judgement.  Hopefully, the Zack Snyder film, with contributions by Joss Whedon, will meet with audience approval.  It will need a strong positive reaction from initial viewers in order to draw those on the fence and to garner repeat-viewings, one of the keys to ‘Wonder Woman”s monster success.

Is your excitement for ‘Justice League’ building?

‘Justice League’ hits theaters on November 17.

Source: Sebastian Hughes/Youtube