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In 2002, Lance Bass, at the time, still a member of *NSYNC, announced hope to journey into outer space.  He underwent astronaut training and even had heart surgery to correct a condition in order to physically qualify.  However, due to insurance and indemnity issues (meaning, in case he died), Bass lost his sponsors and had to bow out.

Now, Tom DeLonge, lead singer and guitarist for Angels & Airwaves and formerly one-third of Blink-182 wants to do Bass one better– he wants to build his own spaceship!

Via his Facebook page, DeLonge announced the formation of a company called To The Stars, determined to build an absurd sounding vehicle that can not only “Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water” but does so by “engineering the fabric of Space-Time.”

That’s… not a real thing… is it?

But far be it for me to shoot down one’s aspirations.  Despite being a multiplatinum-selling recording artist, a TARDIS-like transport like this costs a bit more than a blinged-out Lamborghini.  And, uh, it’s been a few years since “All The Small Things.”

Check out DeLonge’s announcement below:

tom delonge
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So yes, in order to build this fantast-o-tron DeLonge and his collaborators need some cash (and I don’t mean Hot Cash).  You can visit his Kickstarter To The Stars Academy, where you, yes YOU can contribute to create the impossible– Minimum investment $200, please.  I mean, $200 isn’t much to help engineer Space-Time, is it?  That’s like the cost of eight shirts at Hot Topic.  Unless they’re buy one/get one half-off.  Which they always are.  And unless you have Hot Cash.  OR YOU CAN HELP TOM DELONGE ENGINEER SPACE-TIME!!!  You’re call.  Do whatevz.

Oh but warning, when you click to give them the $200, it’s an investment, NOT a pledge.  Pretty sure, you’re not getting it back, whether or not that whole space-time thing happens.  If not, he’ll probably use it to get more tattoos.

Will you be helping this man reach the stars?  Or should he just hit the Walk of Fame in Hollywood?

Source: AV Club