Netflix recently made their first major purchase by acquiring the rights to everything from Mark Millar which hadn’t already been adapted and the creator of ‘Millarworld‘ is thrilled at how things are coming along. Now that he has become the President of Millarworld Division with this purchase, the famed creator “doesn’t see how anyone can compete” with what they’re putting together. On the surface, those could be seen as big words, but we’ve all seen the kind of original content that Netflix has been releasing over the past few years.

While ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Kingsman’ have taken audiences by storm, things are going to be quite a bit different here and Millar is excited:

“I’ve never been anywhere so impressive, and I’m totally serious. The atmosphere in the place is amazing. It feels like how Hollywood must have felt in the ‘20s. What’s amazing to me is that everything we’ve seen so far, this incredible model that’s been built, just feels like the tip of the iceberg.”

It sounds as if Millar has found quite a home for his work. We’ve seen how Marvel Studios had taken many ideas based off of Millar’s work that was released when he was with the company and as he puts it:

“They borrowed $500 million and decided to start their own studio… Iron Man came out, based on my drunk, lecherous Tony Stark/Iron Man, and they started to build towards the Avengers movie. That $500 million paid for Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, and if both those movies had tanked, that would have been it, all over. But Iron Man caught fire and went crazy.”

While Netflix has yet to release any of Millar’s material or even offer up a timeline on when we can expect it, he couldn’t be more thrilled with what they’ve put together so far. In fact, his previous work in film has been tainted by what is going on now:

“When you walk into a big studio, the whole place runs on fear. Everybody’s always in a state of trauma and worried about getting fired and opening weekends and all these things that get in the way of the actual film-making. Netflix just feels like a different animal, and now I’ve seen it there’s nowhere I’d rather be.”

While details haven’t been shared with us, progress is being made. I suspect we’re going to be seeing some notable names attached:

“I know what’s coming, I know who’s been hired, and I don’t see how anyone can compete. There’s a pop-culture earthquake going on. The next few years are going to be amazing. I’ve never been so excited to switch on my computer in the morning.”

With so many already existing titles and whatever else Millar has brewed up in his spare time, I’m sure that we’ll have original content to look forward to for years to come.

Which of Millar’s comics would you like to see hit Netflix first? Are there any of his works you hope they don’t do? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant.