‘The Last Jedi’ director Rian Johnson has cautioned fans that the full-length trailer for the upcoming film might be too spoilery for some to handle. In just over two months, the newest film in the franchise will finally hit theaters. However, Johnson seems to be indicating that tonight’s trailer release will offer more clues about the movie’s narrative than some might like to know before the premiere.

Continuing where J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ left off, ‘The Last Jedi’ is expected to addresses some of the lingering questions left after watching ‘Episode VII.’ Fans have already gotten a sneak peek of the trailer, showing Rey handing Luke his old lightsaber, ahead of tonight’s release. However, Johnson seems a little worried that the trailer will inadvertently reveal some elements that fans would rather not experience ahead of seeing ‘The Last Jedi’ for themselves.

Taking to his official Twitter to answer a fan who was asking about his earlier comments on avoiding as much promotional material for ‘The Last Jedi’ as possible, Johnson said the following with respect to tonight’s trailer debut:


While some outlets took his tweet as a warning to avoid the trailer at all costs, Johnson later tweeted to dispell those misleading headlines:


It’s been several months since ‘The Last Jedi’ teaser premiered at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, so fans are ready to see any new footage at all from the next ‘Star Wars’ installment. To help fill the void, Lucasfilm has been steadily releasing promotional images and details for the film. A behind-the-scenes/sizzle reel clip for ‘The Last Jed’i was also released in July at the D23 Expo.

It really is up to each individual fan whether they want to watch the trailer and risk seeing too much. Just remember that what you think is a spoiler could be much different than what I think is a spoiler!

Don’t miss ‘The Last Jedi’ when it premiers in theaters on December 15!