As Hollywood continues to reach into the past for franchises ripe for renewals and reboots, there is one series that has been a constant question mark about whether or not there is any way to ever remake it, even though it has a rabid fan-base that would most likely still be interested in seeing more of it. Of course, I am talking about ABC’s ‘Lost,’ which ended its six year run back in 2010, to a very controversial finale (which I personally loved, but will not defend here, and I know it has many, many detractors). The big question, of course, is will they ever remake ‘Lost?’ Or bring it back for a limited revival in which they could answer some of those questions that fans claim were “essential” to the series that they “needed” answered (I put these things in quotes because I honestly think the people who thought the mysteries and answers were the core of the series never got the show in the first place).

‘Lost’ co-showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have already stated publicly that they have no intention of bringing the show back, feeling they closed that door successfully 7 years ago, but, of course, it still comes up. This past weekend at New York Comic Con, Carlton Cuse made yet another statement on the matter. During his appearance at New York Comic Con to promote ‘Jack Ryan,’ Cuse made the following statement about a potential return to the island:

“Damon [Lindelof] and I are pretty adamant about the fact that we don’t have any intentions of rebooting Lost. I know that there are a lot of shows that have been rebooted lately, but we are not on that path.”

It is a testament to how much people really enjoyed the show (even those that griped about the finale) that the idea of bringing it back keeps coming up, but I really do appreciate Cuse and Lindelof standing firmly on the idea of not going back into it themselves (though they have previously said if someone else wants to REBOOT the show with new characters, they would be ok with that, though they would not be involved). Personally, I think ‘Lost’ was a once in a lifetime kind of show, and what made it great was that it was something we had not seen on television before, and I do not think a new version or a revival could ever live up to what it once was. So I say stand strong Cuse and Lindelof, most of these fans did not appreciate what they had back in 2010, going back now will only result in more criticism, might as well move on to your next projects.