runaways old lace

Old Lace is a pet dinosaur in the ‘Runaways‘ comic who hasn’t appeared in any of the promotional material for the series which has had some fans worried, however, Brian K. Vaughan has confirmed that she’ll be part of the show! We don’t know how much we’ll actually be seeing of the likely CGI’d dinosaur, but the series writer was happy to share that she will be part of the series. I’m hoping that the lack of her in any promotional material is either just from the CGI not being complete in time for post-production promotions or that she’s going to be a big surprise visually when first roaring onto our streaming services.

Either way, I’m sure this confirmation is quite welcome by fellow fans everywhere!

The news came when a Reddit user spoke with Vaughan at a book signing and shared that:

“He was doing a book signing in York. Very nice guy. I asked him about the Runaways TV show. He says he has had input and visited the set, and that Old Lace is definitely included in all her Dinosaur-y goodness and he thinks they did her justice. Now I’m really anticipating this show. :)”

While Hulu doesn’t have the largest of budgets for special effects, it does seem that they’ve found a way to include Gert’s pet and best friend which I am thrilled to see! It has been hard to say how much would be changed from the comics as there really is quite a bit that would have to happen visually which might be hard to pull off on a limited budget.

We’re introduced to this Deinonychus who has become a fan-favorite when the soon-to-be ‘Runaways’ are searching Gert’s basement as they try to locate evidence that their parents are murderers. She forms a telepathic bond with the dinosaur, and they soon work together as Arsenic and Old Lace based off of the classic Frank Capra film.

While there will likely be some changes from the comics, at the very least this isn’t one that will be happening.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Old Lace will look like on Hulu’s ‘Runaways’? Do you feel that they’ll keep her mostly in the background or will she be as important as she was in the comics? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book