“He felt now that he was
Not simply close to her,
But that he did not know
Where he ended and she began.”

Ghosts, unsolved murders, and a trio of ghost-hunting geeks pave the way for the latest episode of ‘Grimm’ and one can’t help but think, Halloween was two months ago.

It seems as if the Grimm-world has its own set of ghost hunters. Ray, Paul, and Carol are three friends that comprise the Ghostseekers, a webseries devoted towards the investigation and discovery of, you guessed it, ghosts. They take on the Donovan house, one where the couple of Stetson and Patty were brutally murdered five years ago, victims of a serious jolt of electricity that left both unrecognizable. Unfortunately for Ray, he joins the couple when the Donovan murderer fries him like a chicken.

The detectives, along with Wu, look down at the scorched remains of a Ghostseeker.

Nick arrives home, fresh off dropping Monrosalee off at the airport and finds Juliette out and about. She’s over at Renard’s, begging him for answers to her current situation. He agrees and has someone in mind that may be able to answer Juliette’s questions but needs to do some more digging. When Juliette returns home, Nick is somewhat suspicious of her odd behavior but dismisses it. After a restless slumber of nightmares where Nick kills her, Juliette and Renard meet later the next day to talk about Henryetta, a friend to Renard’s mother. Seems like Juliette will be needing the help ASAP as her Hexenbiest powers are manifesting beyond her control—just ask the arrogant creep whose purty Mustang went boom after nearly hitting her.

While Juliette’s dealing with her “problem,” Nick, Hank and Wu are called to the Donovan house. There they find the remaining two Ghostseekers and the charred corpse of the third, Ray. Researching the house’s history, they call in the lead detective on the original case, Mark Wilson. He gives them a bit more detail on what happened: the wife, Patty was having an affair with Theo Hinkley, Stetson’s co-worker. The prevailing thought is Theo, knowing he couldn’t have her, killed the pair and is now in the wind. Theo’s wife Lily is still in town and the best bet to shed a bit more light on the situation.

Back to the house, a vagrant walks through, using the charred mattress as his bed when he gets visions of the happy Donovans. He can’t take the knowing glances of ghost Patty and screams; the windows rattle when some serious wattage lights up the room. Speaking of bed, Nick is trying to create some personal electricity with Juliette but she’s not having it. The next day when they do a bit of Skyping with Monrosalee, his instincts are peaked when Rosalee asks Juliette about the headaches. Surprisingly, he doesn’t mention it and, instead, heads to the station where Wu has cleaned up some of the images from the Ghostseeker’s camera. It truly looks like a Wesen and, if Theo was Wesen, there’s no doubt his wife Lily would know the type. They visit Lily at her job and find out the male victim of the Donovan house was not Stetson but Theo. Lilly spilled the bean on her hubby’s affair with Patty, not realizing that Stetson, a Matanga Zumbido, would kill them. All this time she’s known Stetson was still out there but now that she knows where, Lily returns to the house to make him pay for what he did. As she enters, the vagrant from before watches her. Only, it’s no random vagrant, it’s Stetson Donovan.

Word of Advice: don’t get a hexenbiest angry.

Speaking of returns, despite Carol’s pleas, Paul is set on getting back to the house. While he and Carol return, Juliette is studying up on Hexenbiests, surprised when the three cops arrive for research of their own. They find what they need to combat the Brazilian Zumbido’s electrified output—paste from the skin of a poisoned dart frog smeared in a pierced hole in one’s ear. When they get a frantic call from Carol about Paul, Lily and the lightshow about to go down, the detectives make their way to the home with Wu in tow.

At the house, the clearly deranged Stetson has forced Lily into Patty’s old dress and the two dance to a song only he can hear. They are interrupted when Paul—filming it all in the closet—is discovered. Seconds before Stetson prepares the Ghostseeker to ride the lightning, Nick busts in and easily takes down the crazy Wesen. He decides to go with the arrest, despite having no way of holding Stetson in a real prison. Lily removes such questions from the equations, putting a bullet in Stetson for the good of everyone. Even as they go over things at the precinct, Renard showing them the footage of woge’d Stetson uploaded to the internet doesn’t get them down. After all, “no one believes in ghosts.”

Our final two shots are of Juliette coming face to face with Henryetta, the woman who may be able to help, and Renard, after a hard day, watching as his wounds flare up and bleed through his shirt. And then, like that, they’re gone.

Ghostly Images

  • Though the main police story offered nothing too exciting, save for maybe the Wesen version of Blanka (for all you Street Fighter fans out there), there were two secondary tales, the epilogue for this week, that hints at greater things to come. Juliette meets Henryette for the first time and the latter seems to be a woman of serious power. Hell, she’s not even present when her contact information is written out and yet, seconds after its written, something scrambles the info like a game of Scrabble. And let’s not forget Renard’s warning to Juliette: there’s a good chance Henryette will ask her to do something, a test or task, to judge Juliette’s worth. Guess we shall have to wait and see what form said task takes on.
  • It was enough to see Juliette maybe getting answers to her condition and then we get Renard’s own issues, straight out of left field. The re-emergence of his wounds, albeit temporarily, suggests a bit of serious mojo at work in the world. Like Juliette’s own situation, we’ll have to wait and see how this unexplained event will affect things going forward.