Unless you live under a rock, then you’ve recently heard that the last son of Krypton’s father is still alive. In ‘Action Comics’ #987 we learned the mysterious secret as to who Mr. Oz is, and it’s a face that absolutely no one was expecting. Well, almost no one. We did get hints in issue #986 where the mysterious hooded Mr. Oz used heat vision on Lex Luthor and referred to him as being only human. While it still wasn’t clear if this alien was another iteration of Superman or something else it was a surprise to most of us when he pulled back his hood and revealed himself to be Jor-El.

Yes, Superman’s father was Mr. Oz, and it looks like it’s going to change everything about the history of Clark! Well, depending on what happens during the next Crisis or if Rebirth ends up retconning the entire thing, or this just being another fakeout which will be revealed later.

While Mr. Oz knew that reality had been rewritten and the Superman of old merged with the New 52 Superman, it brought us further onto this new path. One where not only has Superman’s father not truly been dead this whole time but his message of humanity helping raise him seems to be wrong. He now doesn’t believe that humankind is worth saving and thinks that sending the Man of Steel to Earth was a mistake.

With this just kicking off I’m sure we’ll be getting a story soon as to why he believes this to be true but it seems completely out of character compared to what we know about him from the entire history of the DC Universe. I wonder if this means that Superman has been part of Hydra all along.

Oh, wait, wrong major leadership character having his entire history retconned. Many purists are up in arms over the reveal and what it could mean for Superman, and honestly, their concern is justified. With how horribly Marvel played off their take on a major force of good being evil could play out the same way here.

At least DC did it with Superman’s father and not the Man of Steel himself. Hopefully, he’s already worked through all of his Daddy issues and views on life by this point.

How do you think Superman will respond to Jor-El actually having been alive all this time? Will he somehow be swayed to his Father’s vision of humanity or will the two be at odds with one another? Knowing about the Rebirth happening, will Jor-El have a bigger role going forward when the Watchmen story arc plays out? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant