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Director Patty Jenkins said that she didn’t have to cut much out of ‘Wonder Woman’, because the script was so tight, so there’s no chance of a director’s cut of this film.  But she did give her stars a little free reign.  As was divulged earlier, the “boat scene” in which Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve (Chris Pine) travel from Themyscira to London was largely improvised.  In such a case, it’s not surprising that Jenkins ended up with more footage than she needed.  And while it may not fit into the film as a whole, it is interesting to see an alternate take of the scene with slightly different dialogue.

You can watch the alternate take below:


In the theatrical take, this conversation (or one like it) takes place as the pair are drifting off to sleep, while in this alternate version, they are awake and Steve is busy looking for sustenance.  It’s interesting that he is looking to feed the literal appetite in his stomach while Diana very clinically discusses a different kind of hunger, mentioning Clio’s treatises on bodily pleasure and the fact that men are unnecessary except when it comes to procreation.

Either way, the scene is very charming and indicative of why so many were enamored of this film.  The fact that it was ad libbed just goes to show what great chemistry Gadot and Pine shared.

As Pine stated previously:

“She has to be the straight woman, that’s the hardest part.  She’s delivering lines like ‘My father is Zeus’ — s— that is just so ridiculous. And she has to say it with a straight face, with a certain amount of innocence and earnestness. I get to react like any human being would to hearing something as ridiculous as that. So I had it easy.”

This is just one alternate/deleted scene that will be featured on the DVD/Blu-Ray of ‘Wonder Woman’ when it arrives next week.  Also included will be a gag reel, the epilogue ‘Etta’s Mission’ which showcases Lucy Davis along with Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui and Eugene Brave Rock, and numerous behind the scenes featurettes.

Several different version will be released on Tuesday, September 18, 2017.  The movie itself if available on digital now.

Are you ready to relive this adventure?

Source: Entertainment Weekly