idris elba the dark tower

Stephen King’s ‘It’ has just swept the box office by storm so it might be easy to forget this his epic ‘The Dark Tower‘ failed to make an impression on audiences or critics. Idris Elba (‘Prometheus’,’Pacific Rim’) hasn’t forgotten and is shooting at critics with his heart as to how he feels about it.

Elba isn’t thrilled with what reviewers have said about the film and is being quite clear in his opinion. Now, to be fair the studio and director had a lot on their plate to try to make this work. The novel series itself spans eight books and touches upon much of King’s other works. The film had to take this, cherry picks some of the best parts, and make a pseudo-retelling and continuation of them that would not only make sense to new audiences but fans of the source material as well. Daunting is an understatement for the task that they had at hand.

So what does Elba have to say for those who panned the film? He suspects that many have forgotten the face of their fathers:

“Ultimately, everyone has an opinion, and that’s okay… Until one of the reviewers that had something to say adapts it and does a great job, well I don’t want to hear what they have to say.”

What could have been the start of a multi-series franchise and spin-off television series currently looks to be dead in the water. We’re not quite sure if any of the plans for continuing the story will actually move forward at this point. Elba makes it clear he knows how much went into bringing this film to life and while it didn’t resonate with fans, audiences, and critics, feels that it was the best adaptation that could be done.

Do you agree with Elba that critics were far too harsh on the film or is the source material just that impossible to adapt to how slow the first book is and how expansive the rest of the novels are? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Mashable