thor: ragnarok

I know, I know. I am the first one to get annoyed at “new” trailers and TV spots that are just rehashes of old trailers and TV spots, but you know what? I think the marketing for ‘Thor: Ragnorak’ has been a lot of fun, I’ve enjoyed the look of the film, and the humor, and no matter if they just keep rearranging the same footage with new music and effects, I still get excited for the movie every time a new one comes out. I think that bodes very well for the newest ‘Thor’ sequel indeed, and I know I have already bought my tickets for the premiere in November.

Diving in, in the latest ‘Thor: Ragnorak’ TV spot, there is very little new footage, but what is there is pretty entertaining, and everything else is put together in a pretty hilarious manner. I especially enjoyed the moment when Thor and Bruce Banner are asked what they are calling this new team they are forming, and they both cannot escape their ‘Avengers’ roots, stuttering a bit before pathetically saying “uh, the Revengers” and then deciding they do not actually need a name. I love the humor in this movie (though to be fair, the original ‘Thor’ had a lot of humor as well) and I really hope this one is as good as the trailers make it out to be because I was really disappointed with ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ Throw in the fact that they are fighting more traditional Norse mythological villains like Hela and Surtur (who is now being openly shown in the trailers) and not just going up against Loki again,  and I am very excited for the battles in this film.

Check out the new TV spot for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts about the on-going marketing campaign for the film, the direction the ‘Thor’ series is going, and what your thoughts are about the latest TV spot in the comments below!