Trying to follow Hellboy’s story in chronological order has always been tricky for casual readers and even for some who live and breathe Mike Mignola’s creation. However, Dark Horse Comics is finally set to release a new set of Omnibus editions to take care of that issue. Prior to the new cinematic release that reboots ‘Hellboy‘ with David Harbour playing the role, fans will be able to read every story which has inspired the big screen adaptations, in order.

The reason that this was previously tricky for many is that over the course of the last 20 years, the stories have always been released as they came out and not in any kind of organized fashion. Trying to read the main story arc previously meant jumping from various volumes. 1 to 2 made sense but after that, you’d have to head over to 5 and 6 and read parts of 3 in order to really understand everything happening in 8.

Yes, it’s that kind of a mess.

The new sets will release not only the ‘Hellboy Saga’ in chronological order but also by the major events. This results in the story split into four major volumes telling his main story arc and two side volumes covering short stories. The volumes titled ‘Seed of Destruction’, ‘Strange Places’, ‘The Wild Hunt’, and ‘Hellboy in Hell’ will be must haves for fans of the character along with ‘The Complete Short Stories.’ All of these will also feature brand new covers and new art by Mignola himself.

The initial volumes will be released in the summer of 2018 with the next sets coming out in Fall and Winter.

At this point, it isn’t clear if ‘Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.’ are to be included in any of these works or would come out in another volume further down the line.

Are you looking forward to editions of ‘Hellboy’ that will be readable in order to have the full tale of his past or do you prefer the current released which came out as they were written? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly