While Netflix and The Duffer Brothers have yet to chime in it sounds like writer and producer Shawn Levy would be very open for ‘Stranger Things‘ to get an IMAX run. It isn’t even clear if the season had been at all shot with IMAX compatible cameras to really take advantage of the aspect ratio but the idea of seeing it on the big screen alone is a thrilling one. Though, it would also be hard to wait and go watch it and have to drive home to binge watch the rest of the series so I’m not sure how well it would stack up to other series premieres.

When Levy was asked about the possibility of it happening he stated that:

“It does, without question and you’ll see season two lends itself even more dramatically to a big screen. It’s very cinematic, it’s much more cinematic in season two. We had this modest little premiere for season one of Stranger Things and we screened the first episode of season one at some rental space in Hollywood. It was a mediocre screen and sound system but it was still a genuine thrill for the Duffer Brothers and I to see our show with a live audience on a big screen. That experience stayed with us and it’s something we would love to recreate on a more polished and larger scale in the future.”

Levy is clearly open to the idea of ‘Stranger Things’ getting the IMAX treatment but it sounds more like he is just excited about the idea and not that there are any talks about it actually happening. Also, TV shows hitting IMAX screens have had fully mixed responses. While I quite enjoyed checking out Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ many of the reviews were harsh and I think it would work better for a series that you can’t binge watch or it would have to premiere prior to the Netflix release date.

It should be noted that this isn’t quite the television settings recommendation that The Duffer Brothers have in mind.

Would you check out ‘Stranger Things’ on IMAX if given the chance? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Forbes