Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson Robert Scott appears as Georgie, the younger brother of the main character Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher) in the movie ‘It,’ and now in his next role, he’s keeping it in the King family.  Scott has signed on to star as Bode Locke in Hulu’s ‘Locke and Key’, a fantasy/horror series based on the comic book written by Joe Hill, the son of ‘It’ author Stephen King with art by Gabriel Rodriguez, published by IDW.  ‘It’ helmer Andy Muschietti will direct the pilot episode.

Jackson Robert ScottBode is the youngest of the three Locke siblings.  After the brutal murder of her husband, their mother Nina moves them into her ancestral home in Maine (same setting as ‘It’ and many other King stories) to discover a mysterious set of keys that unlocks hidden mystical secrets.  But a powerful demon also wants the keys, setting off a dark struggle.

Bode is described as:

Filled with all the optimism and imagination of an exuberant eight-year-old, Bode is especially attuned to the supernatural possibilities of Keyhouse… and especially vulnerable to the unnatural forces circling his family.

Scott joins Frances O’Connor who will play Nina.

This is the second try at a TV series based on the comics and the third attempt at an adaptation overall.  In 2010, Alex Kutzman and Roberto Orci developed a movie with 20th Century Fox to be produced by Steven Spielberg, which was planned as the first part of a trilogy.  Then plans changed and rather than a feature film, it was decided to repurpose these plans into a TV pilot for FOX.  The pilot was completed with Mark Romanek directing, but neither FOX nor anyone else picked it up.  (It was rumored that MTV expressed interest.)  Fans were treated to a screening at SDCC in 2011, but that was that.  Kurtzman and Orci tried to adapt it back into a theatrical film, but it looks like that has once more been scrapped.

In the original pilot, Miranda Otto (‘Annabelle: Creation, ’24: Legacy’) played Nina Locke and Skylar Gaertner (young Matt Murdock on Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’, Jonah Byrd on ‘Ozark’) played Bode.  Sarah Bolger played Kinsey and Jesse McCartney played Tyler, the two older siblings who haven’t yet been cast in the new version.

Carlton Cuse, Scott Derrickson, and Lindsey Springe were producing, with Derrickson (‘Doctor Strange’) set to direct.  With Maschietti now directing, it’s unclear if Derrickson is still involved in any capacity.

At this point, Hulu has only ordered a pilot.  Here’s hoping this adaptation fares better than the previous one.

Are you a fan?  Are you looking forward to a possible series based on these comics?

Source: Deadline