Wonder Woman

After decades of near-neglect, Wonder Woman has smashed her way into the echelon long occupied by her contemporaries Batman and Superman, thanks largely to her record-shattering film which has scored over $800 million at the box office.  Now, coming full circle, her first comic book appearance, ‘All-Star Comics’ #8 from December 1941 has fetched nearly $1 million in an eBay auction.

During the Golden Age, Wonder Woman was the only female superhero to not only headline one title, ‘Sensation Comics’ but she had her own eponymous ‘Wonder Woman’ series.  At that time, Batman and Superman were the only other superheroes that had self-titled books, with other heavy weights like Green Lantern, The Flash and Hawkman relegated to anthology titles.  In addition to ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Sensation Comics’, Diana also appeared in ‘All-Star Comics’ with the Justice Society of America and ‘Comics Cavalcade’ which co-starred The Flash and Green Lantern.  But for a character with such a lofty profile, she had a fairly humble debut in ‘All-Star Comics’ #8.  Not only did she not grace the cover, her name wasn’t even touted!  Instead, the cover boasted the first appearances of Starman and Doctor Mid-Nite, two characters that never went on to star in their own books.

Pristine Comics sold their mint condition copy of the nearly 75 years-old ‘All-Star Comics’ #8 for a whopping $936,000.  It’s not nearly as much as a mint copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1 (Superman’s first appearance) nabbed for the same seller back in 2014– a staggering $3.2M– but it still marks the most a comic featuring a female character’s debut has ever sold for at auction.

Recently, a copy of ‘Sensation Comics’ #1 from January 1942, Wonder Woman’s first cover appearance sold for almost $400,000, while a copy of ‘Wonder Woman’ #1 from July 1942 went for $220,000.

In a move that would surely make the Amazon Princess proud, a portion of the sale for ‘All-Star Comics’ #8 will be donated to  Trafficking Hope, a non-profit that relentlessly works to prevent human trafficking.  Last year, Wonder Woman was named an honorary United Nations ambassador in order to raise awareness of such atrocities around the globe.

For those without millions to spare, you can revisit the big screen exploits of ‘Wonder Woman’ which has been re-released on the big screen, including 3D and regular IMAX for Labor Day weekend.  It has also been released for digital download with a DVD and Blu-Ray release coming on September 19.

Later this fall, Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman/Diana, along with Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen in ‘Justice League’ which opens on November 17.

Source: It’s All Just Comics via Screen Rant