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SPOILER ALERT: This article may contain information that could be considered SPOILERS for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  Proceed with caution.

We already knew that the Klingons would play a large role in the upcoming ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series from CBS All Access.  ‘Enterprise’ detailed the early days of the Federation/Klingon friction but it’s been teased that ‘Discovery’, which takes place even earlier chronologically than ‘Enterprise’ would go back even further.  It’s also known that the main character is First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), whose family is killed by Klingons, resulting in her being raised on Vulcan, by Sarek (James Frain), no less.

One thing that fans have been wondering, however, is why the hell do these Klingons look nothing like traditional Klingons?  Showrunner Aaron Harberts offered something of an explanation, saying:

In the different versions of Trek, the Klingons have never been completely consistent. We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.

Essentially, the idea is that Klingons come in what is comparable to different races or nationalities.  It was revealed that these Klingons will even speak a different language than the established Klingon language (which is an actual language that some real people can speak).

This latest clip may shed even more light on the matter:

Now at first, it may seem like this clip is detailing a conflict between the Klingons and Federations, since that is one of the signature elements of ‘Trek’ in all its iterations.  But what if it’s not?

If I had to guess (and this is JUST A GUESS) I’d say that Klingon is actually in the midst of a war between the different races/nationalities.  On one side, we have these new, reptilian beings.  On the other, we will see the traditional brown-skinned, ridge-headed but more humanoid Klingons that we’re used to.  Perhaps the Federation gets drawn into this Civil War-like conflict.  Obviously, since this series takes place earlier in time than any other, and we’ve seen which Klingons persisted in showing up in “later” shows, we can kind of figure out who won.

What do you think?  Does a Klingon Civil War sound like an intriguing backdrop for this new series?

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ beams down on September 24, 2017.  The show stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Maulik Pancholy, Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeoh, Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, Damon Runyan, Terry Serpico, Rekah Sharma, Sam Vartholomeos and Mary Wiseman.

Source: Nerdist